Following article is presented by the best essay writing service in UK giving readers the needed insight about how pandemic has affected the normal lifestyle and what people are drawn towards while being in quarantine.

The United Kingdom has been under regulated lockdown since the month of March. The initiative was taken to restrict the rampant spread of the virus among citizens and has been implemented in all the regions of UK. Considering the recent updates and developments, it has been reported more than 200 thousand Corona positive cases have been confirmed along with over 30 thousand confirmed deaths all over The United Kingdom. Higher officials, the UK government and the law enforcement agencies executed the adequate plan of action, instant initiatives and aid programs in Corona response. Such actions from the authorities are highly commendable which depict the robust system and categorical laws necessary to run the state. Apart from that there’s an interesting yet major clause of the whole situation that need to be highly addressed in the ongoing times.

With the start of the year 2020, nobody saw the unprecedented dawning upon us out of nowhere that eventually ended up changing our lives. Let’s begin from the times before COVID-19, when there’s used to be the usual rush on the subways, streets, shopping centers, tourists’ spots, hence at every public place. When weekends were the family time and they used to have little picnics at parks on Sunday mornings. Now, all such happenings are the talk of the past, as all citizens are housebound spending time in quarantine and maintaining social distance. Considering this shift, online essay help brings you the fascinating facts and information about how the people of The United Kingdom are living their quarantine days and what their routines actually reflect.


  1. According to the poll conducted on the website of academic help in UK, it showed that 45% of the employees have signed themselves up for the digital courses relevant to their work of fields. Digging up it was found that as lockdown has given people more than usual leisure, they’re dedicatedly looking forward to invest the available time to hone in their skills. People expressed the reality that being provided with extra amount of time has led to the motivation to complete their online courses leading to certification and improving their skillset.


Hustle of everyday life make all of us obliged to fulfilling responsibilities and meet deadlines at every cost. Whether a student, employee or stay-at-home mom, we all have different set of duties to execute according to our versatile roles. As ongoing lockdown in UK has shifted the work and education to the comfort of our homes, the time for daily commute, walks and other events have been largely saved. This quarantine is the bonus opportunity to maintain the contact with our families, long forgotten friends and people living in different time zones. Suddenly it’s all convenient and available; the time and environment is there for people to be sociable to their loved ones and people in UK are making the most of it. If you haven’t phoned your friend in a while then this is the time to do so!



With people obliged to stay inside their houses and limiting their usual interactions, most of them are choosing not to fall behind when it comes to fitness. Reportedly, there has been the categorical surge in the demand of exercise machine and fitness equipment in different regions of UK. People are largely getting their workout equipment delivered to their homes and putting considerable amount of time and effort into their fitness routine. That clearly shows that at a greater extent, people are trying to maintain a productive routine for their health.


Citizens having downtime at hand are looking up to learn something novel and interesting to kill the state of boredom. YouTube channels and sites of DIY, cooking and art are having gigantic number of users as people want the information to learn a new skill. Some are discovering their muse to create an art piece while other are exploring the recipes of different cuisines and meals. A group of people discovered their passion for building and creating things by hand and are currently working on their wood furniture making. Interesting part is that, most of these individuals are video documenting their exciting experiences and sharing them with friends making it all fun in the process!



As quarantine days are quieter and calmer than the usual days, people after ending their workdays get back to doing things that are therapeutic and meditating to them. That could be reading, making art or a hobby of similar sort. Number of UK citizens have reported that ongoing quarantine led them to finish their books and get back to their reading lists once again. They are contributing their book recommendations and looking for suggestions in online reading clubs or shared chats on a regular basis now. Surely, quarantine helped many to get fixated on a reading habit again.

In the present uncertain times, it is considerable to put an effort into productive things that are dear to you and relive your stress. Wishing you a healthy and productive quarantine!