Following informational article has been crafted by the dissertation writing help.The article’s intent is to provide the updates about the unemployment situation in the United Kingdom and relevant developments over the matter.

As countries are battling against the lethal pandemic through resources and meticulous initiatives; the series of unfortunate events are also resurfacing regarding unemployment surge, lack of support for people, setback in economies and there’s more on the list. The acting government of the countries are putting maximum effort to aid the citizens and provide them the needed requisites at all levels. Global organizations are collaborating to curb the rampant surge of the pandemic that has cost millions of lives and caused dejected atmosphere everywhere. The situation in most of the countries are sort of similar, as people are enduring inevitable situations to afford living, struggling to pay their rents and losing jobs in huge numbers. In the United Kingdom, the unemployment situation with other current events will undoubtedly go down in the history, as the setback is something like never witnessed before.

Dissertation writing service reports that UK has been passing through the gloomiest year in terms of the unemployment, dip in job vacancies and citizens having high level of depression. It’d be a no brainer to state that people are battling against the unemployment wave as well in the times of unending crisis. Over 600,000 people have become unemployed in the months from April to May – which has been the highest till today. Extended period of lockdown has hit the economy and labor market categorically. The unemployment rate radically increased to 3.9% within a span of few months and is likely to reach 4.7% in the upcoming months. In addition to the previous stated facts, the dip in the job vacancies have also been greater than the previously recorded data during the financial crisis in the year 2008. 342,000 lesser job vacancies have been observed since the last year between the months of March and May. Undoubtedly it is the record statistical data achieved in the history of United Kingdom till today. General poll conducted on the academic writing services online showed that every 1 person in a group of 8 have lost their job in the period of lockdown – and most of the individuals lie between the ages of 18 to 24.

Research and networked study depict that, young individuals between the ages of 18 and 24 have been comparatively more affected than other groups. It has been reported by the online essay help that, job applicants of young individuals have risen to the large extent since the lockdown occurred in the regions of the country. However, the acting government of the United Kingdom have taken adequate initiatives and introduced helpful aid programs to reach out to people going through employment crisis. Indeed, the furlough scheme introduced by the government has categorically helped millions. The unemployment curve would have reached to the greater heights if it were not for furlough schemes and aid programs. It has been officially reported by the Treasury that more than 8 million individuals have been receiving wage incentives, along with that 2 million have been on income support through channeled scheme of the self-employed. Regulation of such schemes and aid plans have undoubtedly helped many individuals in UK to sustain their living for longer period of time.

Amid coronavirus fears, facing challenges of unemployment and enduring all that comes along with it, depression level has escalated in many individuals in the country. People of all age groups are skeptical what future has in store for them. Apart from the financial crisis and the employment surge, there are other contributing factors as well giving rise to the depression, anxiety and panic attacks in the citizens. In-person communication, outdoor visits, daily commute and such activities alike are highly missed by the people of the United Kingdom; as being house-bound for days is making them more dejected in the crisis. Experts and healthcare workers are strictly recommending people to reach out to the professional help if they’re finding themselves helpless in any manner.

According to the finance experts, the UK economy has deeply scarred, and it’ll take more than just couple of years to get recover from the colossal setback. In addition to the previous facts, labor rights, regulatory laws for workforce, workplace democracy and security of job can collectively make work conditions better. Initiatives taken by the UK government is highly commendable and such aid prototype should also be followed in other counties as well.