As COVID-19 hit the large regions of The United Kingdom, it was announced by the Prime Minister Boris Johnson that public should work from home (where it is possible) in order to limit the rampant outbreak of the virus. The initiative was taken to avoid further spread of corona virus while people commute and during their daily stay at workplaces. Companies have moved towards ‘work from home’ on a large scale transferring all their operations and efficient productivity.

Analyzing the data collected from the best essay writing service in UK, the applied law doesn’t quite facilitate the industries of transportation, food services, retail, however the functional industries of information and communication, finance, insurance, business, tech startups provide levelled-up opportunities in regards to working from home.

As the resources confirm that in the previous year 2019, a meagre data of around 1.7 million people have worked from home being familiar with the practice, out of total 32.6 million employed individuals in the whole country. According to the stats displayed on the academic help in UK, over the years the culture of working from home has been more prevalent in London, South East and South West as compared to the rest of the UK.

As the pandemic surge has shifted the work culture towards home working, many skeptical conditions have apparently surfaced in addition to dealing with a lot of novel challenges. Amid the whole situation, the uncertainty persists about the things getting back to normal any sooner or closures getting lifted. Companies or workplaces are demanding the same level of productivity from staff although many employees are experiencing ‘work from home culture’ for the first time in their careers. Being clueless about how long this work revolution would last, it is preferable to improve the work conditions at home and to adopt healthy work routine altogether.

In order to help out the individuals working from home presently, we are sharing some tips and productive habits that would definitely be helpful in many terms. (tips are inspired from the article published on the online essay help


The great reset regarding work has provided you with the comfort of your home for all working hours above everything. How convenient it is to just lazily be in your pajamas and go through your tasks-to-be-done in the morning. No doubt it is the ultimate comfort to keep shifting from bed to couch with your home laptop executing all lined-up tasks. But such practice simply puts your mind in a resting mode along with affecting your physical state with the lack of actual work atmosphere at home.


What you need is the separate, designated workspace for increased efficiency and to maintain the same level of productivity as in workplace. And by a term ‘workspace’ it depicts a thing as simple as work desk and doesn’t necessarily have to be a whole separate room or working area. In a nutshell, an organized workspace keeps you more organized and focused in terms of meeting deadlines and the completion of tasks. No wonder how lazy you feel, but once you enter your workspace, you’ll mind would automatically turn to ‘work mode’ and you’ll be good to go for the entire day!   


Indeed, boundaries get blended between work and personal life when you’re working from home. Before you know it, your home chores and office tasks are being completed at the same time without you even realizing it. It’s humane to get used to the environment of your home while you work on the most important work project, but avoiding it and keeping it professional in office hours is what you call smart.

Sticking to your designed schedule would not only help you in terms of your timely execution of tasks, but also with avoiding the work burnout and to maintain the healthy routine. Sit down and break down your entire day in working hours with details. Include breaks for your meals and coffee. Break down all your tasks in 40-60 minutes of concentrated work followed by refreshing breaks. Maintaining the concentration level would get your tasks and assignments completed on time and metaphorically you would be actually returning home after a workday in the end. Trust me, you would thank yourself for adhering to your schedule.



You would surely agree on the fact that everything becomes ten time more interesting when you’re focusing on your austere to-be-completed task. With many tabs opened all together in your Chrome browser, taking notes for your upcoming meeting with the music playing in the background and food being cooked on the stove; this would lead you towards being unaccomplished at the end of the day.

Such multitasking is a big ‘No’ as it only increases the amount of distraction making it totally unmanageable. No matter whatever is limiting you from concentrating on your work, you better limit/manage it so it doesn’t draw your needed attention away. Limit the noises, push your home chores at the end of your workday, keep your food prepared before you start working etc. It is your priority to show the same level of productivity while working from home, and it would do no harm in muting your cell phone notifications and delaying watching Money Heist for a while.



Amid your work from home and quarantine life, make self-care your priority. Choose to eat healthy three solid meals a day. Eat your vitamins and fruits as you need boost-up immunity system than ever before. Don’t miss your home workout or yoga session to feel energized throughout the day. Try a new skin care routine or test what works best for your skin. And most importantly don’t neglect your sleep; no wonder it is getting more difficult to keep the track of your sleeping routine in these times, but in order to do better in your work and daily life, sleep reasonable hours every day. You’ll be grateful to yourself for being considerate. 


Living a quarantine life, working from home and having zero exposure to outdoor activities are a lot to deal with. Indeed, the state of helplessness is making all of us feeling anxious and paranoid unaware of what comes next. To maintain our sanity and healthy mindset, it is suggested to invest time in meditating every day. Meditation is the needed break for the brain from all the chaos happening around us. It reduces the anxiety levels and alleviates stresses within ourselves to a greater extent. It calms down the mind, body and soul reducing anxiety and bothering thoughts. Meditating at least 5 to 10 minutes a day would help you maintain a calmer mindset increasing your focus in daily life.