The entire world is going through pain, agony, and above all of that separation. People have confused emotions. Lives full of anxiety and stress. Humans are social animals that crave for support, love, care, and companionship. The lockdown has made everyone grow apart. People are losing their jobs, homes, friends, and whatnot. The intensity of the contagiousness has led the world into severe fear. This has happened for the first time in a while, for decades the world had not face such restrictions and lockdowns. The people are facing a lot of problems to accept the reality and that has created a huge impact on their mental health. This whole scenario seems irreversible. The outbreak is spreading region by region and does not seem to stop. Many people have lost their lives and the rest of them are struggling to live. The contagious virus is not showing any mercy and is creating countless difficulties for people all over the work. The children and people above 50 are at high risk. A total of 12.5 million of people have been tested corona positive and more than 560K people have lost their lives while battling with this pandemic.

The situation is not any less in the UK. The corona cases started elevating in March and by 9, April the greatest number of cases were recorded. The pandemic has crushed economies all over the world. People are getting bankrupt. The government is trying extremely hard to cope up with the situation but the population is a lot to be handled in a way that creates ease in surviving the situation. However, the government of the UK has taken a lot of measures to control further outbreak of the virus.

The life in the region was in full swing. The tourism grew and only grew day by day, people socialized, roamed around the famous spots. The famous historical places in North Wales had tourists from not only all over the country but from the whole world. Let’s have a look at how people’s lives from different sectors have been affected;


The educational sector has been affected the most. The most important exams of the year have either postponed or canceled. The admission processes for getting into universities have stopped. Thousands of students with their applications are ready on the other hand to start a new journey of life but the impact of the outbreak of coronavirus has taken over the educational system in the worst way possible. The students who took proper guidance from their teachers, for writing essays are now facing a lot of issues because of a lack of proper channel due to technical and communication problems. This is why students are looking for academics writing services online. It’s not easy to complete research and writing essays such as dissertations. That is why students normally opt for online dissertation help. This online help makes the life of the students easier, this way they are able to complete their school assignments and focus on their mental health which has been affected due to the coronavirus outbreak. The less they socialize, the more anxiety they drown into.



The tourism sector has been affected on a larger scale because of the ban on travel, be it domestically or internationally. The parks, beaches, famous historical points, golf clubs, bars, eateries have shut down causing the tourism sector a huge loss. People who are working in this sector are facing job issues, people are losing their jobs as well. The cultural and traditional festivals that have been going on for years and years have been canceled because of the coronavirus. People are maintaining social distances. Since they can’t travel to places and be with their friends and family, the often come out in their balconies and rooftops to socialize. The summer season in the UK has always been the busiest but this time it’s expected that the summer season will go on without the tourists. The natural beauty and places rich in history are going in vain. The hotels have been shut down and the staff has become unemployed.


The factories and warehouses have been shut down as well or a limit on the number of workers has been set. The laborers can’t come together to work due to the outbreak however there are some factories that are trying hard and following the precautions in order to keep things running. All the production has slowed down because of the demand that has fallen down the graphs extremely. The production was in abundance last year and now if we compare the production rate, it can’t be taken into consideration.


The artists such as musicians, dancers, actors have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak in a way that the film shootings, musical shows, and dancing shows have stopped completely. People who once earned through entertainment, have no other ways and options to earn. Theatres and movie shows have halted. The people who crave for entertainment are now feeling hopeless because there is no other source of getting entertainment from.

People are now looking for alternatives like Netflix and online gaming. These two sources of entertainment have been so far the most successful mediums but in the long run, people would want to come out of their houses to entertain themselves, that too with their friend and family.


The farmers believe that they might have to switch to old techniques of farming because of the lack of resources due to the unavailability and feasibility. The things that were taken for granted can’t be taken the same way and they are out of reach. The consumption of agricultural items has gone down because the hotels, restaurants, bars, and cafes have shutdown. The production has had a direct impact because of the lack of demand. Then there are people who are responsible for transportation and are sacrificing a lot by being constantly on the roads, away from their families, and contacting them through video calls. The farmers are trying their best to provide fresh food products to the people of the UK. The basic supplies are being arranged and harvested throughout the region so that people get the right nutrition they need, especially in this pandemic.

The doctors are working day and night to fight this battle against the coronavirus update. Many doctors have lost their lives as well and many are tested positive. The doctors are on high alert and are working more than they usually do. They very well understand the severity of the virus. The doctors are also playing an important role in spreading awareness about the coronavirus outbreak that how one should save themselves from getting infected. They also request the people not to come out of their homes because they know the intensity of the virus.

The young people are affected the most. It’s hard to convince them about the ongoing situation because they are comparatively more emotional rather being rational. It’s difficult for the parents to make their kids stay at home because they need to be physically active and fresh but the parks and other spots that are designed to engage young kids have been shut down because kids till the age of 16 are more prone to the virus.

The students on the other hand are more stressed out because they miss their lives. They are majorly missing campus lives. The face-to-face deliverance of lectures and meeting their friends. They mostly spend time taking classes which is comparatively more tiring and more time on writing essays is spent. They also tend to avail online dissertation writing services. The overseas students are facing more difficulties, they are away from their home and then they have to look after themselves through this pandemic. People are helping those who are in need of financial assistance, people are delivering food supplies and everyday supplies to those who can’t afford them.

The precautions that people are taking as per Government’s instructions are;

  • People are not going out of their houses; they’re ordering everyday supplies instead of going to the grocery stores themselves. People are not gathering for weddings, parties, and other meetings. People are having rave parties from their balconies and are also socializing with friends and neighbors through their balconies.
  • Working from home, the Government strictly advised the people of the UK to work from home as long as it is possible to stay back and complete the tasks and assignments.
  • Take care of hygiene and maintain distance from people.


There are a number of places and spots that were shut down including

Swimming parks, parlors, gyms, restaurants, hotels, social clubs, community centers, museums, religious places, cinemas, theatres, etc. The busy streets have now gone quiet.

The use of social media platforms has increased as people find this way of interacting socially easier. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become extremely active. People have also started to run their online business and have provided online services however they can. In this whole situation services like grocery delivery services, food delivery services, medicine delivery services, dissertation writing services have become common. People who have careers that are technology-friendly are at an advantage because they use computers, mobile phones, and laptops to deliver their services and meeting physically is not as important as it is for people who chose other forms of careers.

The world is in a state of shock, the UK’s economy is crashing just like every other region of the world. The crises are taking over the region and the aftermath is fearful. People are losing jobs; savings and the country is running out of reserves. The demand is more and supply is less be it any sector. This is not only happening in the UK but all around the world. The coronavirus has taken over the world. The people are fighting against it so that their lives can come back to their normal state. Staying home and social distancing is the key to avoid getting infected. The UK has faced a lot of major losses due to the outbreak. The place which was full of people and happiness is now under lockdown. The cafes that served the world’s famous fish and chips are no longer serving those but the people of the UK are positive about the situation and they believe that things will come back to what they were before. People are missing their pre-corona lives. All the sectors including the educational sector, agricultural sector, entertainment sector have been equally affected.

The outbreak will take time to get into control and the people need to act responsibly in order to avoid further spread. The main key is to maintain social distancing and take care of hygiene. The government has given relaxations to those who are financially week and those can’t afford bills, necessities through online forums. The government is constantly running awareness campaigns to aware the people about the severity of the pandemic. This whole situation can be handled by being positive and being present with those who need mental support. People should look out for one another to survive this pandemic. There’s light at the end of this pandemic, people should stay strong. People need to focus on following the SOPs issued by their government so that they can get rid of this pandemic as soon as possible. However, there are a few basic things that every person must have with them in order to fight this pandemic including hand-sanitizer, masks, and disinfection spray. It is suggested that people start online businesses so that they can sit back at home and earn to overcome their financial problems. The online businesses will not require a person to go out and meet people or visit places. The bills and other formalities can also be done from home. The government is providing ease day by day so that the people of the UK stay safe because health is important to live fully and above all of everything, we must fight this together.