Our Dissertation Writing Service has played a vital role in shedding light on this crucial topic
of how Gen Z differs from millennials. Millennial or Gen Y is a generation that is born between
1981-1996 while Gen Z as those born between 1997-2012. In today's world, we have these two
generations that are the targeted audience to implement our marketing strategies on.
The importance is real to study about the difference between these two generations. As a
marketer or a businessman, it is necessary for you to stay well-aware of the mindsets, nuances,
personality, and taste of your targeted people. So that you can utilize the outcome of your
continuous working in the best possible manner.

Characteristics that make Gen Z different from Millennial

Our Dissertation Writing Agency has tried its best to show you the precise information about
the survey of these two generations. Let’s begin:

Fast Innovation Vs. Less Innovation

Gen Z is born in an era where the internet is essential and no workforce or strategy can be
assumed without it. So keeping this resource as a prerequisite, Gen Z tends to attract towards
faster innovation. If any company would be telling about its innovative plans then Gen Z would
not be that much inspired by it because they would be expecting something more innovative out
of it.
While, On the contrary, millennials were born in the era when the internet was just developing
and there was not that much-advanced technology to work with. That's why they are easily
influenced by the innovative startup plans with fewer struggles because of their fewer
expectations towards innovation.

Greater Trust issues Vs. Lesser Trust issues

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Pragmatic Generation Vs. Idealistic Generation

Gen Z is more of a pragmatic generation that means they are quite practical people in their lives.
They never fantasize about their aims and goals or any other task to do. Instead, they are more
focused to do everything in a very realistic way under the provided resources and limited
alternatives. This type of habit occurred in them because they were born in the recession time
when there was a downfall in the economic platforms which resulted in the scarcity of resources
as well as switched Gen Z from the dream path.
Whilst the millennial or Gen Y is considered as the idealistic generation. They have a completely
opposite idea of looking at the world, there perception to idealize things, aims, and goals are
different or impractical. Whenever they are about to do something, they tend to find the idealistic
ways to perform that task. They always want things to work their way rather than considering the
available resources.

Saving Money Vs Saving Experience

Gen Z's main motive behind anything in life is to save money, earn money, and invest money. They are avoidant of money hoarding. That's a good thing about this generation but your utmost aim should be to learn out of your experiences and failures. But this generation is more observant of how to earn and save money in the first place. Even the majority is more likely to sacrifice their relationships if it is troubling their source of earning or interrupting their career opportunities. More specifically you can say this is the Money over Love kind of generation. It is not that they are responsible for it. Having a deep insight into the circumstances, you will see that these are the impacts left by the society on them i.e. the ruthlessness that is taking over the whole mankind under it. On the other hand, Millennia's actual motive is to seek all the approachable strategies to attain agreat and productive experience in their life. It does not matter in which aspect they are gaining experience; they are more focused on grasping experiences over money. Because in their point of view, the experience will offer that broad exposure to you which will be imprisoned by the money if you run behind it in the first place. That's why millennial is at ease when it comes to relationship priorities.

In-store shopping vs. Online Shopping

Gen Zis the boldest and intelligent generation till now that loves to interact personally with their
desired stuff because they are quite conscious about their prestige and self-esteem in their circles.
So they never rely upon shopping virtually and would rather prefer to visit the store in person for
their satisfaction and appropriate utilization of their money.
Whilst for the millennial, these are not the essentials to focus on. At this point of their life they
are questioning their existence and want to know about the purpose of their birth, So priorities
switch with the age phase and they resist to waste time on going out and do some physical
shopping, instead they prefer to grab it online and spend the saved-time on some other
productive things.

Acting Fake Vs. Staying Real

In today's world pretending to be happy than being actually happy has become fashion. So as per the fashion, Gen Z is also thriving to maintain its pride under the peer pressure of showcasing a happy and rich lifestyle in front of the world. For Example: maintaining Instagram profiles with extreme lavish hangouts, expensive foods, and overrated clothes. While being saddies in the real life. Portraying such kind of image to the world seems cool to them and nourishes their prestige. More specifically they are "Depressed but well-dressed" generation. And here comes the millennial that was born in the era when people knew exactly how to remain simple and real, there was no race in any means to maintain social status. So due to this fact, Millennials are more likely to stay comfortable in their own space by preferring inner peace and staying real over a sophisticated and fake image.

Virtual Imprisonment Vs. Real-World Exposure

Gen Z is the teens of an era where everything is carried out on the internet. The world has totally
switched towards the Virtual domain plus the working strategies and mechanisms have
transformed to work on automation. So the globe that is stepping ahead towards artificial
intelligence has unfortunately involved the Gen Z in it too. They involuntarily fail to get out of
that virtual prison. The prominent fact is that it has left these souls in solitude by consuming the
whole day on the internet and neglecting all other physical and emotional activities.
But the Millennial or Gen Y is lucky in this case because they were the born of an era when
technology was rare and there was no existence of internet being that much popular. They had a
brighter exposure to the outworld; they knew how it exactly feels like to spend quality time
among friends and family and listening to stories from elders. That was the "telephones over
smartphones, hand-written letters over text messages, polaroid cameras over Go Pros, and simple
pancakes over lavish breakfasts" Generation.

Smart Vs. Hard Financial Horizons

Gen Z, our current youth, is a risk-taker that is familiar with how finance is managed smartly
instead of falling into excessive loans or debts. Learning about personal finance, they possess a
strong appetite for financial education and also keep "saving account opening" under
consideration at an early age, unlike prior generations. They do not rush for extravagant stuff;
instead, their priorities are much sorted.

Meanwhile, Millennials are entering the workforce with a huge amount of student debts. This is
postponing major purchases like weddings and homes. Because of this financial instability,
Millennial prefer access over ownership which can be seen through their preference for on-
demand services. They want partners that will help them to guide in the big purchase.

High Vs. Low Media Consumption

The Gen Z is whole-heartedly lost into excessive media consumption that the only source of
mind-relaxation is left to binge on their favorite shows or surf social media sites. Because the
average Gen Z receives their first mobile at the age of 10.3, many of them grew up while playing
on their parents' mobile or tablet. They have grown up in a hyper-connected world. Thus, the
smartphone is the main source of entertainment and communication.
Whilst 95% of the millennials still watch TV because it provides ease in entertainment as
compared to involving in other entertainment sources such as Netflix or amazon prime. They are
reliable enough to enjoy their favorite show on TV or mostly YouTube, only if they want to level
up in technology. They are limited to social media sites. They do not have multiple social media
accounts to handle. But they are not considered as technology-illiterate but technology-limited.

Advanced Vs. Traditional banking habits

Gen Z is smart yet lazy. The laziness factor in this generation has occurred due to excessive
advancement in the technology that they can easily perform a struggling task by just being a
couch potato and making thousands of transactions on just one click. Yes, it has become
possible! Online banking just made it a piece of cake for Gen Z.
While the millennials still prefer to make transactions through checks and pay orders or as far as
they can rely on plastic money i.e. atm cards.

Less focused Vs. Attentive

Gen Z is considered as the less focused generation of the time. Whenever they are doing any task
thousand of other ideas and thoughts are prevailing their minds which results in the lack of
concentration and the outcome they produce looks less focused.
But the millennial pour all of their attention into the task they are performing at the moment.
They are more likely to avoid distractions or the thoughts that are crossing their mind that yield
the best productivity out of them.

Multi-tasker Vs. Uni-tasker

Today's youth or Gen Z tends to be a multi-tasker. They know how to manage a number of
works in parallel without any mish-mash in their productivity. They are active enough and
present-minded which leads them to manage everything smoothly. For example, A kid is sitting
in front of the TV, watching his/her favorite show while making assignments through an internet
survey on a laptop plus sometimes music playing in the background. So you imagine the scene in
your head that how chaotic it would be, but guess what it does not bother a Gen Zer because of
its characteristic of multi-tasking.

On the other side, If the millennial is put in the same situation they would end up being pissed
off because they are uni-tasker. They can focus on a single task at a time otherwise
mismanagement is highly expected from them. For Example, if someone is interrupting again
and again while they are cooking so they will end up burning the food.
These are all the differences that have been stated by our Dissertation Writing Company. We
hope that It has given you a better vision about How Gen Z is different from Millennial. To set up
your marketing strategies, it is magnificent for you to go through these factors to gather as many
people around the globe as you can.