Indeed, Coronavirus has shaken the whole world and almost everyone is struggling against this
pandemic situation. As this virus can transmit from one living being to another, the world has
gone into lockdown condition to control its spread. Due to these lockdown conditions, the
economy of the world has gone to the declination side. The developed countries like the UK are
also struggling hard to cope up with the decline of the economy. The United Kingdom declared a
lockdown on March 23, 2020, to control the COVID-19 pandemic. This seems to have helped
rein in the public-health crisis but is taking its toll on the economy. The economic condition of
the UK has become miserable. As the economy is falling, the unemployment rate has also
increased in the UK. One report of our content writing service shows in its study that around
7.6 million jobs, or 24 percent of the UK workforce, are at risk because of COVID-19-related
lockdowns. People and places with the lowest incomes are the most vulnerable. UK GDP in
2020 is expected to shrink by 9 percent, overall.

As the unemployment rate has increased in the UK, people are searching for jobs which can provide them good income in this Covid-19 surge. In this article, we will discuss high paid jobs in the UK amid the Covid-19 surge.

Data Engineer

A Data Engineer is responsible for providing and maintaining analytics infrastructures, such as
databases and large-scale processing systems. Demand for Data Engineers & Data Scientists is
booming, so it’s a lucrative career to get in to as a graduate, and one of the most highly paid jobs
in the business.


Content writing

If you like writing and you know some of the important tips of writing, then you can become a
content writer. You can provide online content writing services such as academic help in the
UK, assignment help, essay writing services, and much more. You can also write web content,
SEO articles, and blogs. This is purely a zero investment and highly paid work. For this, you just
need a laptop and internet connection. You can continue content writing as a part-time or full-
time job. No doubt, this work needs some time but it is very profitable in the long run.

Online tuition

As the educational institutions are closed, students are taking online classes. Access to teachers
and libraries is impossible. These days, you can provide online tuitions to the students to get their
work done. Online tuitions are in great demand these days. It is one of the high paid jobs
nowadays in the UK.

Editing and proofreading

If you are good at grammar and know its integrities then you can provide proofreading services
or editing work. In this type of work, you just have to rectify the already written document. You
will read it and correct grammatical and spelling errors. If you have a laptop and an internet
connection, you can start this work. As the students are doing online assignments nowadays, so

they are in great need of such services which can make their assignments more professional and

Software Developer

A Software Developer, also known as a Computer Programmer, is responsible for designing and coding computer programs and operating systems. They also play a key role in the installation, testing, and ongoing maintenance. Software Developers need to know specific programming languages; including Java, Python, C, and JavaScript. Many Software Developers will know a few different computer programming languages. As the software developer can work from home, the demand for this field has also increased during this pandemic condition. The average graduate starting salary is £27,000 p/a.

Digital marketing

As the businesses are collapsing due to the Coronavirus surge, the need for digital marketing
services has increased. Businesses are demanding digital marketing services to gain their
reputation and worth. Especially, the businesses of medical equipment and medicines really need
digital marketing services. Digital advertising or digital marketing is the process of promoting
your products and services all over the web.

UI/UX Designer

A UI Designer focuses on the user interface of a product, i.e. the look and layout. Whereas a UX
Designer focuses on the user experience of a product, so how something works and people's
interactions with it. Both UI Designers and UX Designers are in real demand, so starting salary
and potential salary are high! The average graduate starting salary is £25,000 p/a.

Social media or online marketing

Social media marketing is a booming trend in Pakistan. It is totally a zero investment business.
Accessories required for this business are laptop or mobile phone and internet connection. This
type of business does not demand any polished skill. You just need to know the basic use of
social media and then have to market or advertise any small or big business.


Business Analyst

A Business Analyst is responsible for analyzing company data such as financials, operations, and
technology. They help to set business goals, and implement processes to reach those goals; so
like an Operations Manager, they'll need to have a great understanding of existing processes
within the business. Business Analysts tend to sit within a company's operations/management team, so they are high up on the list of the best-paid jobs in the UK. The demand for business analysts has increased these days because business owners require them to set their future goals as per the current conditions. The average graduate starting salary is £30,000 p/a.

Web Developer

A Web Developer, also known as a Web Programmer, is responsible for designing, coding, and
making changes to websites. Web Developers are in high demand and need specific technical

skills, hence the starting salary is high after graduation. It's widely understood that Developers
earn a high salary for their work – and are amongst the highest paying jobs in the UK. According
to the one report of our content writing company, the average graduate starting salary is
£29,000 p/a.

E-Commerce Coordinator

An E-Commerce Coordinator oversees a company's online sales. They may also be involved in
decision-making when it comes to the company's website, social media, and online
advertising. Graduate E-Commerce Jobs tend to have an above-average starting salary. The
average graduate starting salary is £25,000 p/a.
The unemployment rate in the whole world has increased rapidly due to the lockdown
conditions. People are suffering a lot. In the UK, the situation is not different. In economic terms,
the country is struggling very hard. People are looking for jobs that can provide them sound
income. All these above-mentioned jobs are in great demand nowadays in the UK. Due to online
work and work from home, people are willing to adopt such kind of jobs. Let us hope and pray
that this pandemic may end soon and the lives become normal as before.