Following article is based upon the facts and knowledge garnered from the best essay writing service in UK. All information about educational institutions, living accommodation and requisites have been thoroughly researched; however, amendments may occur depending upon seasons, tuition fees and change in policies of the respective institutions. 

The United Kingdom (UK) is the home for the world-renown prestigious universities, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The Beatles, Harry Potter Movies and there’s loads in the list. Choosing a destination place for your higher education program is pivotal as it serves to be the life-changing decision but choosing to study in UK is promising in terms of many factors. Being the world leader in medical research, aerospace technology, Arts and Literature; indeed, UK is the perfect place to pursue your higher education.

According to the general stats published on online essay help recently, it is stated that around 270,000 new foreign students are admitted every year in different universities and colleges across different regions of UK. It offers wide-ranging fields of study and institutions to domestic and foreign students. 30% of the research conducted in universities of UK is known to be ‘world-leading’ bringing advancement in various sectors, while 46% is qualified as ‘internationally excellent’ by the Research Excellence Framework (REF). Apart from having a global reputation in technological research and advancement, it is also taking major initiatives to bridge the gaps between novel innovations and industrial sector. Being eminent for one of the most preferred places to pursue higher education for international students, it does offer unmatchable traits, convenience and guaranteed success in careers.

Following are the well-known universities preferred commonly by foreign students:

  1. Oxford University
  2. Kingston University
  3. University of Manchester
  4. University College London
  5. University of Southampton
  6. Bristol University
  7. University of Buckingham
  8. University of Nottingham
  9. The University of Edinburgh
  10. University of Glasgow

United Kingdom offers admission in 395 universities and colleges having 50,000 courses in more than 25 majors and subjects. However, offered courses are surprisingly shorter than other countries offering higher education to international students. Supported reasoning behind such a difference is to reduce an amount of tuition fees and to save accommodation costs and precious time. With having robust education system offering programs of every levels, their importance and degrees are acknowledged by employers of top-notch corporates along with recruiters of global industries and businesses. Universities of UK provide major support to foreign students under every circumstance and condition. In addition to that they also offer employment opportunities through placement drives helping students in pursuing their dream career lines.

One gets to experience education in a different paradigm from highly qualified teachers receiving knowledge from them. Apart from that, choosing to study your degree program in UK would give you a lifetime experience of diverse, multicultural society having a rich background and interesting history. Foreign students greatly enjoy delicious cuisines, famous tourists’ attractions, yearly music festivals and globally known sports events. Studying abroad provides an opportunity to expand your horizon of learning, meet new people, know foreign cultures and develop the needed skillset to help you in the long run regarding anticipated career.


Following guidelines must be paid attention while applying for admission in UK University and College.

  • UK Government announces Sponsored Study (Tier 4) Visa in the year end for foreign students.
  • Foreign applications for higher education admission are channeled through UCAS (Universities And Colleges Admission Service).
  • You’ll be required to take approved English Language Proficient Test (IELTS), in case if English is not your first language.
  • Admission and document submission deadlines may vary depending upon the educational institution you’re applying to. (kindly check official websites of the universities)
  • Scholarship programs are offered in different universities to help students finance their tuition fees.
  • London and other large cities have higher accommodation costs as compared to other regions.
  • Students of first educational year prefer to live in University dorms; however other accommodation options are also available.
  • Students are allowed to work 20 hours/week during ongoing school term, while up to full-time hours when school is off. However, all students are strictly advised to consult their advisor and school management before proceeding a job to avoid violation of any rule.

One surely gets to see the world by choosing to study abroad; a whole different life and experiences await out there for you!