This article will provide an insight into the ongoing situation in the United Kingdom in the light of recent unfortunate events regarding Corona Virus. According to the recent development, more than sixty thousand people have been tested positive for COVID-19 up till now. To keep commoners informed about the numbers and novel developments, accurate data is being displayed on the official government website regarding positive and negative test results along with death numbers every day. All figures are complied by the validated data resources in order to provide correct knowledge to the people.


Government of the United Kingdom is utilizing wide-ranging channels to keep the general public aware of safety guidelines and use practices. People are advised to leave homes only for buying food, health reasons or work (if one is not remotely working). Moreover, people are supposed to maintain a distance of 2 metres (6 ft) from other people at all times.  Due to the ongoing surge of COVID, all schools, colleges and childcare providers have been closed until further notice. Due to the current outbreak, there’s a disruption in education, training and learning opportunities for learners and teachers across all regions of the UK. Online classes are keeping students to maintain education learning in London. SATs, GCSEs, AS levels, A levels and any Primary assessments or examinations will not be conducted this summer.


Talking about universities, vice-chancellors own the authority to make decisions for their own institutions. With the immense support from the government, universities have moved their teaching online. A number of UK Universities have moved to online learning and teaching.  Risk level in the UK has been raised to an alarming rate. The initiative has been taken by the government to reduce the COVID-19 and clear guidelines have been provided regarding self-isolation, social distancing and household isolation.

The government published its coronavirus action plan on 3rd March. Along with that the health Protection (Coronavirus) regulations, 2020 have been imposed to lessen the transmission of the virus amongst people. Guidance for schools and all educational settings have been published to guide staff, students, parents etc. Online essay help has also been providing services for teachers to provide online lessons and teaching strategies.As UK Universities are making sure the provision of education in the high time of misery, there are huge challenges to be faced by teachers and students regarding online learning. Due to an unforeseen radical shift, there’s a concern regarding how less-privileged students with no laptops are going to cope in the current situation. 

As lectures being delivered through online learning, there’s a fact that a group of students may be missing out due to not owing laptops and broadband connection. Many less privileged students are living in homes which are not likely to have a broadband connection. According to general comparison, there’s a greater chance that white residents are more likely to have broadband connection than people of colour. This gives rise to the major issue about how less-fortunate students would get complete access to education.


The educational disruption caused by COVID-19 Pandemic is leaving students feeling sceptical about their academic future. Despite of being clearly stated that there would be no loss of an ongoing term, students are filing petition to make universities refund their major amount of semester fees.  Being mandatory to attend online lectures, facing a lack of assistance from teachers in regard to homework, assignments being lined up with near deadline; all these situations are making students feeling anxious and depressed. In a state of helplessness, students of final year are looking up to dissertation writing help to find expert assistance. Educational representatives have stated that most universities would direct online examinations and students would be given free access to their books and notes. There’s a chance that proctored examinations would be conducted in which students would take the exam in the secure browser. Students are expressing their perception not in favour of online examinations as they’re struggling hard to grasp concepts and enhance learning through online education. Students are checking on their friends maintaining contact in quarantine in order to take care of each other. According to unconfirmed resources, present rampant conditions are predicted to settle down till the end of September