With 284K confirmed cases and 44,131 deaths in the UK, it is hard to move around in the country and resume regular activities. Stress and anxiety are taking over every person’s mind, and what can you do inside your home to ease the tensions? How about reading some books? When did you decide the last time to read a book or an article in a magazine? These days, every person reads content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many other social apps, which is filled with the horrifying updates of the COVID-19.The existence of manual reading books is losing reader-interest, but its worth is still the same. There are numerous benefits of reading a book. It helps with mental stimulation, reduces stress, increases knowledge, vocabulary improvising, Stronger thinking skills, Improves focus and concentration, Tranquility, and free entertainment in the times of coronavirus.

We will recommend 10 best books which are in demand by every UK person at this moment. The list of these books has been suggested by Jenny Davidson, who is a novelist and Ivy League Literature Professor, the topics of these books are suggested to read during quarantine, and why is that? The answer was that these classic literature are the literature of plagues, and other suggested topics are the latest novels that relate perfectly to the on-going situation in the entire world.

All of the book topics chosen are storytelling to pause a moment in your life and let you think not about human illness but human conditions also. Illness is fictional, but they also provide a type of extreme situation that pushes towards the basic condition of human life and society.

Book Name: “Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race.” The Author is Reni Eddo-Lodge. The format is paperback Release. It was published on 08/03/2018. This book is the top five Sunday Times bestseller winner in the year 2018 FOYLES NON-FICTION BOOK. This book has developed a hype in the national conversation. Talking everything from eliminating black history to the extreme link between the standards and racism. Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race is one of the most essential hand back for every resident in the UK who wants to know about race relations in Britain today.

The second selected book is “The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse.” The Author is Charlie Mackesy. The format is a hardback release published on 10/10/2019. In this book, four complex characters are taken into the center stage in this unusual and beautifully fictional book. A horse is a wise and dependable boy whose name is Christopher Robin- a curious and nice, a mole, driven with confidence and fond of cake: and a fox, endangered and needs love and care. The book tells the story of the friendship, which is told by Charlie Mackesy’s by using his words and creative ink sketches. As per a content writing company, it was discovered that this book is full of affection and sympathy, which will make the reader smile and motivate him to forgive others and even ourselves.

The third book’s name is “Girl, Women, Other,” written by Bernardine Evaristo. The format is paperback release, and it was published on 03/03/2020. This is an amazing novel which is telling the story of twelve characters who are living beyond the country for many years. Every character designed in this novel is dynamic and shares the central stage to share their stories with us, from sassy to argumentative jazz or devastating narratives of Carole and Dominique. The book presents a full-dose of humor, passion and culture, which is a must-read for everyone. According to website content writer, the book is a collection of poetic prose, Bernadine Evaristo’s lyricism, which makes the parts flow, hammers home key points and devotes each personality in a different tone.

The fourth book is “The Guardians,” whose author is John Grisham. The format is paperback release, and it was published on 09/06/2020. The character was framed for murder. He is searching for a miracle, 22 years ago, Quincy Miller was given a life sentence without parole. He was blamed for killing Keith Russo, who was a lawyer in a Florida town. However, there was no trustworthy witness and minor motive. The actual fact was that Russo had made a mess of Quincy’s divorce case, It is told that Quincy was a black man in a town of white people and a torch in blood-covered was uncovered in Quincy’s car. The accused victim swore it was a scam, and he was planted.


The fifth book is “Natives Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire,” written by Akala and published by 17/06/2020, who was short-listed for The James Tait Black Prize. The story starts are for the first time he was searched by the police as a kid to that he realized his mother was white. His first encounter with racist teachers – the racism and standard turned Akala’s life and outlooks. The author shares his personal experiences and provides a wide exposure to see the social, historical and political facts which left us who we are today. This book provides a reality check about police, education, politics and objectification. The issue of race and class has always been there, but sharing their own story with real-time experiences might change your views.

On six, we have “The Country Bride,” whose author is dilly court, and it was published on 11/06/2020. This book is about a doomed relationship from its start, the master Creek manor and the servant. She has been serving them as a loyal worker at Creek manor and to Jack Fox. But the childhood friendship made them fell into a secret engagement where he leaves her. The story tells how Judy survives to live a good life and fights back for her family poverty problems.

Here comes “The Fear Bubble,” whose author is Ant Middleton, and it was published on 11/06/2020. This is an inspirational book. This tells that without fear, there is no challenge, and without challenges, no extension is possible? Ant Middleton is not afraid. He has been a member of Special Forces and confronted fear regularly. He shares his story about being abandoned in a prison where he was cut off from everyone and with no hope how he survived. If you are losing hope in quarantine. This is one amazing book to read.

Another recommendation is the “Westwind The Classic Lost Thriller,” whose author is Ian Rankin and was published on 09/06/2020. The book starts with a small lie, which later on creates chaos. It’s a puzzle that needs to be resolved, and the story contains thrill, which will make your heart beat fast and then slow. So enjoy your time reading out this one for sure,

“Criss Cross (Alex Cross 27)” is written by James Patterson and published at 28/05/2020. The story is about a ghost who is questioned to snatch away everything from Alex Cross? It’s a suspense, thrill and horror novel which will make you think what is next now? This is a perfect book to read and establish critical thinking skills.

The last one is one of the top favorites of the UK’s people, as discovered by creative content writing. The name is “Where the Crawdads Sing” author is Delia Owens and published by 12/12/2019. This is a favorite novel in which it is told about a major story in the 1950s and ’60s. It is a surprising story that will make you wonder what exactly happened. So do read it out and enjoy your time.

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